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451 Research Cloud Complexity Storm

Expanded public cloud adoption brings challenges and growing pains, including increasingly complex IT environments, IT management issues, skills shortages, and difficulties in hiring and retaining cloud-skilled IT personnel.
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Why WPJohnny Chose Linode Over AWS, DigitalOcean et al.

Johnny Nguyen aka WPJohnny, founder of JohnnyVPS, is one of the most respected personalities in the WordPress world. Nguyen has some very demanding customers and he leverages Linode technology to serve them.
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2021 AI and Machine Learning Outlook

The cloud market is dominated by a handful of large companies but there's innovation and growth using alternative cloud vendors.
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Introduction To Cloud Computing | A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. In this video, we'll discuss the basics of cloud computing, the different types of cloud services that are available, and what you'll want to consider when purchasing cloud services.
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Ravi Mundoli and Hari Venkataramanan - Nadhi
Ravi and Hari
from Nadhi

The Alternative Cloud Helps Deliver Construction Projects On Time and On Budget

Based in Chennai, India, Nadhi runs a cloud-based construction management software product called nPulse, on Linode.
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Infrastructure as Code: Dynamic Systems for the Cloud Age: Second Edition

Infrastructure as Code: Dynamic Systems for the Cloud Age

An introduction to Infrastructure as Code and getting the most out of it. Learn how infrastructure cloud platforms work and much more.
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