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Get reliable infrastructure to host and scale your eLearning platform or tool. Reach students and educators around the world on a global independent network, receive the support you deserve to launch something new, or strengthen your architecture to meet new demand.


Stream, Download, Upload, Chat, Engage

Students and educators constantly accessing media and education resources can chew up a lot of network transfer and put a strain on your cloud infrastructure. Core cloud infrastructure tools, an independent network with a 99.99% SLA, and an advocate for open source tools gives eLearning platforms the infrastructure to grow.

eLearning and the Alternative Cloud

eLearning application developers offer solutions to education problems by taking a free and open approach to content and technologies. A recent Linode LIVE! webinar explored how edtech companies provide solutions to these problems. Watch the full webinar here.

Customer Story

"With Linode, we are becoming more competitive in the business and able to build smarter server infrastructures in cost-efficient ways."

Sheryl Villaroman, CEO, Nephila Web

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