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Simple, affordable, and accessible

Choosing Linode

Whether you’re working on a personal project or managing your enterprise’s infrastructure,  Linode has the pricing, support, and scale you need to take your ideas to the next level.

Linode Stevie Award Winner for Customer Service

A support experience above the rest

Support Experience

People choose Linode because they demand a better customer support experience. Other cloud providers deprioritize support in pursuit of lowering costs and maximizing revenues. Linode’s mission drives us to a different standard, where the customer is the driving force behind everything we do.

Linode Stevie Award Winner for Customer Service

Pay as you go, predictable, and transparent pricing

Predictable Pricing

At Linode, we pioneered the predictable flat pricing model for cloud computing.  Imagine: No more anxiety over hidden costs and opaque pricing calculations that show up in your monthly bill.  Our promise to you is to make pricing easy to budget for and understand.

Cloud Simplified
We make it simple to launch and scale in the cloud

Flat pricing across every global data center, an intuitive cloud manager, full-featured API, best-in-class documentation, and award-winning support. Linode makes it easy to manage your applications in the cloud.

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Proven, secure, and reliable enterprise-grade infrastructure

Global Infrastructure

With 11 data centers worldwide, extensive peering relationships, and our Next Generation Network (NGN), Linode delivers the modern infrastructure and performance you need to innovate at scale.

Accelerating customer innovation

Craft of code

See what customers are building on Linode.  Craft of Code is a collection of developer stories from around the world showcasing Linode customer projects and the human stories behind them.

What is Cloud Computing?

Have questions about cloud infrastructure?  Check out our beginner's guide to what is cloud computing.

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